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love a pretty

Florida girl born and raised. East coast FLA at that. Italian/Sicilian mother (I am my mother and proud) and a hero for a dad. My older brother is everything and I strive to be as cool as him always. Currently I live in Santa Rosa Beach with the most babe’n of babes. I love him with every piece of my soul. I have waited years for this man and he was worth the wait. We have a colorful apartment that we managed to decorate with no piece of furniture over $100, YAS! I dropped out of fashion school at the age of 19 for a dude, ugh. Life lessons learned and no regret.
I wouldn’t be where I am today without that mistake. I moved to the 30A area with my parents ten years ago because I had nothing better to do. I wrapped myself up in retail management since the age of 18 and somehow managed to land in the vacation rental space 6 years ago. Along the way I forget how much I love being creative and allowed others to turn my passionate nature into a negative trait. Now, I am free of those people and looking to rediscover who I am, how to create and embracing my passionate self with a middle finger to anyone who has anything to say about it.