Give Me ALL The Pumpkins

…and get your PSL’s outta here.


It’s October, babes, and I am so excited for a fresh start. I feel like this month gives me the opportunity to shed my summer skin and finally morph back into the real me. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m a fall and winter girl, through and through. This is a reflective time of year for me and I love spending the the days working on myself. There is also something about this month that feels so comforting. The smell of cinnamon, the crisp coolness in the air, the shorter days, soup, candy corn, costumes, ghost stories, ALL the fall colors, flannels (SWOON), boots and Crockpot recipes are all the little things that make autumn awesome. It is the season that speaks to my soul. I have been in Florida for most of my life and had a brief stay in East Tennessee (Johnson City). One of the things I enjoyed most about about living there were the REAL seasonal changes. It really does make or break the time of the year. You just never know how the weather is going to treat you living in the Panhandle. It’s always up in the air 😉

Since I’m in a reflective mood, I figured I start out with a list of goals to actually accomplish this month. I can’t stand to spend another moment reevaluating what all has gone on this year, so below are my, attainable, but much needed things I need to work on. That I’m going to completely crush, by the way.


Everything is moving so fast on a daily basis and often I feel overwhelmed by life. As I’m sure most of you do to. I am working on eliminating unnecessary stressors and incorporating some methods for slowing down and enjoying my time more fully. I will be posting a three week series on this topic to share some of the things I am trying as well as some things that were suggested to me by others!

Stress is brutal on the body. with all the bo bo bullshit this summer, life has slapped me pretty hard. Turning 30 has made me stop and realize that I only have this one body to take me through the rest of my time on this blue planet hurdling through space at 67,000 miles per hour. PERSPECTIVE!

I am really hard on myself about my writing skills. I write like I talk, and I fear that most of you won’t understand why I say the things the way I do. We may not be friends yet and that’s why you don’t know my mannerisms. Hopefully this blog will be a great way for that to change. I think by writing everyday, I will be able to find my own voice and maybe you all won’t be as confused as I think you are.

I LOVE Halloween! It’s the one time a year that we get to dress up like complete goobers and let loose! I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in 7 years and really want to do it BIG this year. Pretty sure I am going to be Tina Belcher or Linda Belcher. Keep your eyes peeled for my DIY Bob’s Burgers costumes!

Peep This!

Projects happening this month:

Candle Making
Caramel Apple Mimosas
Continued photographic genius from yours truly

Do you set a list of goal for yourself each month? How do you keep up with your progress and keep yourself motivated? I would love to hear what you are looking to focus on this month!

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  1. I don’t do monthly goals, but I think it’s a fantastic idea. I am an autumn gal myself- isn’t the auburn hair a hint? I love soups and I miss decorating the house for Halloween. I definitely miss the seasonal changes, but after 40 yrs in FL I’ve learned to watch for the subtle signs of Fall: the shadows shift, the days are shorter and the sea breeze returns, the crepe myrtles are the first to show fall color followed by the red cedars. I’m looking forward to wearing my fall- winter wardrobe and making that first pot of chili!

    • We had a nice cool front this past weekend and I almost made some chili. I’m in need of a good recipe! We can’t decorate the outside of our condo at all. I bought some cute fall decorations that were on sale at Michaels. I’m glad I did because I am definitely in the fall spirit.

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