I’m Normal…I Think


Hello, party people! Here it is, my first post…FINALLY. I feel like it has legit taken me all summer to get my shit together and get this thing up and running. It has been the craziest year, full of unexpected, not-so-fun surprises but with some nice treats tossed in. While I’m used to having more treats and less drama, I suppose we’re all due for a year or two like this. I recently stepped away from a job that provided me with six years of valuable career and life lessons, and it has been one of the hardest and most stressful life events I have gone through. Mind you, this all happened the week before my 30th birthday. It definitely tossed a wrench in my life plans and moved me right into asking myself “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

This blog is my shiny light at the end of the tunnel. I am so looking forward to having something that is mine and a place to completely be myself. I want this to be a real space with real thoughts, pictures, and discussions. I have no idea what direction this will take me in, but I am digging having an open mind about it all. I love reading blogs and getting a peek at the lives of people around me. I would really like to give everyone the most realistic view of my life. It is not all pretty sunny days with smiles and laughter. I am a firm believer that happiness is not something that can be achieved and held on to. I think it is something we get to have glimpses and moments of. So, with that being said, here are some things about me that are 100% true.

I am normal, I think.
I totally have anxiety. I know what it’s like to lack motivation, purpose, and direction (see current life status). I have a dangerous relationship with stress, and I’m still figuring for how to deal with it. I worry about the people closest to me on a daily basis. I have crazy hair and wash it maybe twice a week. I am loyal to a fault. When men blame their poor actions on women being sensitive, I lose it. News flash, me being a woman is not your out. I love music and can be a little snobby about it. I hate dancing. If you like IPA’s, we will instantly be friends. I have an obsession with clouds, storms, lightning, and weather patterns. I love managing people and being a positive influence on others. I love taking photos, but I’m definitely still learning. My camera makes me mad, and I’m not willing to admit that I’m the problem and not the camera. Clothes, clothes, and all the clothes. Coffee…I love it. I have a lot of curves, and I am becoming more proud of my body every day. I have a big issue with people telling me why I’m not happy, especially when they are not living up to their own standards. I love being real, and I hope you will get to see that.

I have wanted to blog for years, and I am beyond excited that it’s finally happening. I hope to make friends with all of you, open some doors and close others, find a community I love, and hopefully share things that I think most people can relate to.

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  1. Jenn. You are my fxcking hero. Can I use that word on here? I love the sh*t out of you and I am SO proud of you. Can’t wait to read more!! ❤️

  2. Congratulations, Jenn! It’s nice to see you doing something you want. Seeing someone do something they truly want is awesome and inspiring. Best of luck to you.

  3. Girl you have been the greatest teacher and mentor to me for many years. You pushed me to be my best and knew when I should know answers to things and or pushed me to think harder to figure them out. This right here sounds like the woman I met 5 years ago and always admired to want to be like. I wish you only the best and so excited to follow your journey in doing something you love and have a passion for. Xoxo love love loved your first blog and can’t wait for many more

    • I can’t put in words how much that means to me Tab! I am so grateful to know you and hope to keep you in my life for years to come ?

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